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Things You Should Know Before Getting a Gelish Manicure

You've probably had enough of being taken off guard by chipped nail polish a couple of days after you've had manicure. It’s a feeling many women are too familiar with. That is what makes a gelish manicure a godsend!

Gelish manicures or gel polish manicures, are a very popular trend in today's modern nail fashion. A gelish manicure can last through busy work weeks, long vacations and days jam-packed with hands-on activities.

Before stepping into your favorite nail salon for the best gelish manicure in Singapore, here are some things you should know about gel polish manicure.

What is a gel polish manicure?

A gel polish manicure is one that involves the application of a soft gel in the form of polish. The gel polish serves as a nail overlay that lasts at least two weeks and as long as four weeks. Gel polish is perhaps the closest we've been to a near-impossible-to-fail manicure, so we can see why it's so coveted.

Application of gel polish

A gel manicure follows most of the same steps as your traditional manicure — your nails are trimmed, filed, shaped and cuticles groomed. The entire nail surface is buffed to create a better surface for the gel to grip on. A high-quality nourishing base coat is then applied to protect your nails and also for a smoother polish application.

Quick and comfortable process of drying

After the base coat, two coats of gel polish color are applied, followed by a top coat. Each polish coat must be cured for 30-60 seconds under an approved UV nail curing lamp (light) before the next coat can be applied.

The removal process

Though gel manicures are an amazing way to enjoy beautifully manicured nails, removal of gel nail polish is a process that’s best left to the expertise of a nail salon therapist to protect your nails and for a professional finish.

How to care for nails post-manicure?

Hydration is the name of the game.

A major part of manicure maintenance is keeping your nails and cuticles moisturized.

Massage a cuticle oil into your nails and the skin around them twice daily. Resist the urge to trim your cuticles. Your cuticles safeguard the new nails that are developing underneath.

Self-care meets nail care at Beaute Nails

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