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NAIL FUNGUS TREATMENT (Onychomycosis 甲真菌病)

If this is not treated, fungal-infected hands and feet will be in deformed condition. It is contagious and is easily spread through infected hands. It can also be transmitted through open wounds or cuts or diabetic nails. 95% of onychomycosis females have the tendency to develop gynecological diseases. The hot and humid climate is the cause of fungal infection of fingernails and toenails.


会导致手脚畸形,也有截肢报道,易通过手脚接触感染给家人和朋友. 糖尿病患者指甲外伤等都容易诱发,女患者有95%可传染成妇科疾病. 气温高、湿度大是廯病多发的重要条件.

Nail Fungus Treatment by Beaute Nails.

Hazard 危害

  • Affect the appearance 影响美观

  • Abnormal psychological disorders 产生异常心理障碍

  • Complications - Onychomycosis can cause pain and discomfort, and easily lead to paronychia, nail bed inflammation, and pyoderma fingers. Other complications can occur in severe erysipelas or cellulitis deep tissue and organ infection of severe systemic symptoms disease, and even endanger lives. Female compatriots suffering from onychomycosis can spread to the genitals, the formation of fungal vaginitis and Candida albicans vaginitis, and another gynecological disease difficult to cure.

  • Become a source of human infection - Onychomycosis patients can easily become a source of infection fungal disease.  Patients may scratch and put a fungal infection with the rest of the body to produce new ringworm and this can be transmitted to family and friends. Relatives will be infected if using their shoes and share household items. Once infected, it forms a serious skin foot disease, ringworm, jock itch, erysipelas, etc.  


并发症多 - 甲廯可引起疼痛和不适,易引发甲沟炎、甲床炎、手指脓皮病等并发症,严重时发生丹毒或蜂窝组织炎等深部组织和器官感染的全身症状严重的疾病,甚至危害性命 女同胞换甲廯可传染到阴部,形成霉菌性阴道炎和白色念珠菌性阴道炎等难以治愈的妇科病.

会导致手脚畸形,也有截肢报道,易通过手脚接触感染给家人和朋友. 糖尿病患者指甲外伤等都容易诱发,女患者有95%可传染成妇科疾病. 气温高、湿度大是廯病多发的重要条件.

成为人体传染源 -甲廯患者很容易成为真菌病的传染源。患者可随着搔抓而把真菌感染到身体其他部位,产生新的廯病,严重时还会传染给家人和朋友。亲友常因换鞋、手脚接触及共用生活用品而感染,一旦被感染,就容易形成手足廯、体股廯、丹毒等严重皮肤病.

Preventive Care 预防护理

  • Always keep your hands and feet clean and dry. 

  • Timely treatment of onychomycosis is important as it helps to minimize the impact on the sufferer. 

  • People with onychomycosis should not share personal items such as basins, towels, socks, nail clippers, etc. with family members or anyone. 

  • Our signature treatment is able to help you solve your foot problems.

  • 保持足部清洁、凉爽和干燥

  • 必须及时治疗,将治疗对患者的影响减到最低

  • 不和患病家人共用盆、毛巾、鞋袜、指甲刀等用品

  • 我们独特的 护理能解决以上的问题 

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