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Simple Halloween Nail Look Ideas

The spookiest holiday of the year is upon us and you have finally decided on who will you be for Halloween. In order to complete your look, don't forget to transform your nails with enchanting effect too. Scroll on for some Halloween manicure ideas you'll be stoked to wear come October 31.

1. If you like the idea of Halloween with all its blood dripping and classic pumpkins, here is a nail art that gets straight to the point.

2. If you prefer an easy Halloween manicure, a bright, glittery orange energy is a cheerful take on the season.

3. Keep most of your nails classic with a combination of neutrals and metallics to elevate an otherwise simple nail look. A perfect balance of classy and spooky.

4. Halloween is a good excuse for being extra sparkly, and when the outcome looks like this, we certainly wouldn’t be complaining.

5. A slick, black manicure. Sorry to state the obvious, but a classic black nail polish is about as essential to Halloween - and best of all, it pairs well with everything.

6. Halloween doesn't have to be all gloom and doom. If you're not into a full Halloween getup this year, go all in with your dreamy pastel nail look for a softer effect but that’s sure to turn heads.

Can you believe spooky season is right around the corner? Your manicure can totally serve as your costume so remember to have fun wearing your Halloween spirit on your fingertips.


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