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Say Goodbye to pain and see your toenails transform right after the first session!

The First brought to you from the Europe “Say Goodbye to Pain!

Introducing our Ingrown Toenails treatment that targeted to customers with curved toenails and aims at the successful restoration of the toenail. It's innovative formula helps the nail professional to handle the curved toenails in a safe, quick and effective way.

It's unique ability to lift up the nail and flatten the curved toenails immediately after the treatment up to 24-36 hours post sessions.


Smooth and easy application due to the correct viscosity levels.


3 cared gels tailored to treat the different ingrown nail conditions.

This Ingrown Toenails treatment is suitable for:

  • Customers with mildly ingrown toenails. They experience pain or discomfort wearing closed shoes, usually due to clipping their toenails wrong or wearing unsuitable shoes.

  • Customers with significantly curved toenails. They not only experience physical discomfort, but the toenails' appearance is significantly affected too.

  • Customers that would like to protect their toenails from growing into the skin.

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