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5 Key Benefits of Non-Toxic Gelish Nail Polish

Your powdery pastel pink nail polish isn’t as innocent as it looks.

Nail polish can come in a wide spectrum of colors and sheens, but even with so much diversity, finding a truly chemical-free manicure can be a challenge. Chemicals present in most nail polishes have the potential to create significant issues not only to your nails but as well as to your health. The bright spot in this dilemma can be found in Non-Toxic Gelish Nail Polish.

Non-Toxic Gelish Nail Polish in Singapore

1. The Healthy Option: Non-Toxic Gelish Nail Polish

They are the best option to having beautifully painted nails along with the peace of mind that you are not endangering your health. At Beaute Nails, all our signature mani-pedi treatments do not contain any of the “nasty" ingredients. We use non-toxic gel polishes that are safe to use (even while you are pregnant) and do not have any harmful effects on your nail health over time.

2. Good For The Environment

If a product is bad for our body, there is no question that it is also bad for the environment. Polish made from natural ingredients also tend to be odor free.

3. A Gelish Pedicure Can Last an Average of up to 3 Weeks

One main reason why gel nail polish has become a modern beauty mainstay is its ability to last for several weeks. Now the question is, does a toxic-free gelish manicure last as long too? You will impressed with its longevity.

4. Safe For Pregnant Women

Non-toxic gelish nail polish is the unicorn of the beauty world for expecting mamas. Pregnant women don't have to deprive themselves of getting the manicure of their dreams. Additionally, the quick-drying feature of gel manicures can save time in one's busy schedule.

5. Gel Protects Your Nail

Gel nail polish may be the solution if your nails are prone to breakage. The gel gives a hard layer of protection to your nails, preventing them from breaking and can result in increased nail growth.

All nail polishes are not made equal. Switching to a non-toxic, healthier option of nail polish should be a priority in your beauty routine. At Beaute Nails, we remove the guesswork of which nail polish are good for you as your nails always deserve the best there is.

Ready to Try Non-Toxic Gelish Nail Polish?

Non-Toxic Gelish Nail Polish in Singapore

Say Hello to your next guilt-free mani by booking an appointment soon.


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