High Quality Callus Treatment in Singapore

Callused feet are no laughing matter!

If left unattended for quite some time and callused skin development progresses far enough, it will become thick, painful and a source of frustration.

If you're continually dealing with calluses, you'll want to learn about the common causes and the best callus treatment so you can start taking actions to reverse this condition.

How do calluses form?

As you walk and run your foot is subjected to extraordinarily high loads.

When your foot is subjected to excessive pressure or friction, calluses develop to protect the underlying skin from irritation. Although the body develops calluses for protection, they can cause damage if left untreated.

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Who is more likely to get calluses?

The physical challenges imposed on your body will cause your body to adapt. There are a variety of numerous reasons why unwarranted pressure may be placed on one's foot and you are more likely to develop calluses if:

  • You regularly use footwear that is too tight (i.e. ill-fitting high heels, boots that are not well-adjusted).

  • You walk or run for long stretches of time.

  • You already have medical problems that cause your feet's bones to be out of position such as hammer toes, bunions or bone spurs.

  • Your day to day activity entails prolonged standing.

  • Doing repetitive activities, putting recurrent pressure on the same spot (i.e. sports activities and manual labourers).

  • Going barefoot or not wearing socks with footwear.

To Remove Or Not To Remove?

Calluses might grow larger in size if left untreated and can become infected. In severe cases, this can affect your posture as it makes walking difficult. The best treatment? Prevention, of course!

USA Callus Baby Feet Spa Treatment by Beaute Nails

If you are constantly contending with calluses, we can help! You can rest easy knowing we’re able to help address your callus problems and give your feet a fresh start with our popular USA Callus Baby Feet Spa Treatment. This is one of our popular signature treatments that involves a warm foot soak with Beaute Nails' proprietary serum lathered and carefully rubbed on your feet to soften dead skin and calluses. Your feet will be dried thoroughly before being wrapped for 10-15 minutes. After that, calluses and dead skin will be scraped off meticulously from your feet, and a coating of Beaute Nails moisturiser will be applied, leaving your feet smooth and supple like a baby's.

Who wants thickened areas on what could be otherwise smooth and soft feet?

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