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Best Luxurious Nail Salon in Singapore For Your Next Mani and Pedi

Finding the time to take care of oneself is probably one of the biggest struggles busy women face these days. Every woman needs a little bit of TLC and your hands and feet should not be left out of it! Your precious hands and feet are exposed to a lot of work and stress in your day to day activities and they should get their well-deserved pamper sesh.

A whiff of self-care goes a long way and even if you’re the type of person who can do without a professional manicure or pedicure, it will never be too late to get that first-class nail treatment you deserve. When you’re ready to spoil yourself with an ultimate nail pamper package, you can never go wrong with taking a trip to Beaute Nails Salon, the best luxurious nail salon in Singapore today.

Here are the top reasons why you should choose Beaute Nails for your next mani and pedi session.

We provide high-quality services

Beaute Nails has a team of highly trained professional beauty therapists that can give you a luxurious nail salon experience that will surely leave your hands and feet feeling pampered to perfection! We offer incredible grooming and conditioning techniques along with a wide range of premium nail services from express manicures, bridal nail arts, nail extensions to non-toxic gel polishes. Aside from our high-quality services, we also make sure that our staff follows strict hygienic standards to ensure our customers’ safety and health.

We offer a complete luxury nail and spa experience

Beaute Nails is more than your traditional nail salon. We provide a relaxing spa-like environment as soon as you enter our branches. The room is filled with velvet drawn curtains combined with stylish lounge chairs that make it the perfect place where you can lay back and relax while indulging yourself with Beaute Nail’s luxury manicure and pedicure services.

The Luxury Manicure

Your beautiful hands will definitely be prepped up for your next Instagram post!

The luxury manicure package starts off with a relaxing hand soak before getting an express gel manicure. During the hand soak off, your hands will get a soothing delicate and therapeutic massage to ease up your tired hands. Your nails will then receive a clear base coat and it will be thoroughly coated with layers of your color choice of Non-Toxic Gelish from Korea.

Eco-Friendly Gelish

Eco-friendly has never looked prettier! If you are over the traditional nail polish and becoming more conscious about what you put on your nails, we got you covered. All our signature treatments use Non-Toxic Gelish from Korea that is free of paraben and harmful chemicals. We use non-toxic gel polishes that are safe to use (even while you are pregnant) and do not have any harmful effects on your nail health over time. Applying safe gel nail polishes can help your nails to recover and will keep your cuticles from drying out. This means that you can now have a splash of safe and eco-friendly nail colours that can really brighten your day!

USA Callus Baby Feet Spa Treatment

The Callus Baby Feet Spa treatment is one of our sought-after treatments that includes a warm foot soak off with Beaute Nails’ signature serum lathered and massaged gently on your feet to help soften calluses and dead skin. Your feet will be carefully dried up and then wrapped for 10-15 minutes. After this, calluses and dead skin will be scrubbed off your feet and your feet will be finished off with a layer of Beaute Nails moisturiser leaving your feet soft and supple like a baby. Our clients see immediate results after just one session.

Our Satisfied Customers

Even the most pampered person will walk out of Beaute Nails Salon with a renewed sense of satisfaction! From our hard-to-beat luxurious promo packages to our excellent staff and well-decorated salons, our customers will surely leave our salons happy. We value our customers’ feedback and always put an effort into making sure that all our customers are satisfied with our services and the overall experience. We cater to all the beauty needs of modern-day Singaporeans that will provide them with a higher level of confidence and feel like a real beauty queen!

Head out to the nearest Beaute Nails Salon near you and reward yourself with a relaxing afternoon in the ultimate nail sanctuary in Singapore!

Come on in, give us a try and we promise you’ll never look back.


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